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I'm Adrian Crook, a 31 year old Canadian videogame producer. I've lived in snowy Toronto, in sweaty Texas and in sunny Los Angeles. But now my wife Lara, our son Oliver and I call the soggy coast of Vancouver home.

Most people come to to read My Bike Story (20,000+ readers so far). Others are searching for a book, a photo, or "youvegotmail.wav". There is more to me than just those things, but try telling the Internet that.

For more than a decade, I've produced videogames at places like Electronic Arts Canada (aka EA Sports), my own company, Moderngroove, and Relic Entertainment - among others.

I've also written articles, designed websites, and produced advertising. But if this interests you, check out my resume or my portfolio.

My obsessions include photography (over 2500 photos in the gallery), instant messaging, the internet, reading, technology, free newspapers, creating, traveling, animals (Shar Peis & bulldogs, salamaders, chameleons and more), and ice hockey. I am a massive Canucks fan.

My mental sports of choice are planning, brainstorming and organizing. Not only do I itemize the pros and cons of any new idea, but often I'll draft a spreadsheet with weighted variables to help clarify the issue.

Oh, and this website is my hobby - so enjoy.

- Adrian Crook

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