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List Mania

List Mania

As a self-admitted compulsive listmaker, I thought I'd post some of my many different lists (i.e. "Top Such-and-Such" or "Favourite This-and-That") - also known as "things that fit nowhere else". I'll try to keep it updated.

Places I've Been Music I'd Use In A Movie Fantastic Films
Life-Changing Literature Expendable English Stalkers
My Registered Domains List of Projects (Apr '03) Recommended Software

Recent Calls List from Cell Phone

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  • Sunday, October 15 2006
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This is exceedingly nerdy, but I was bored waiting for dinner at Milestones the other day (and Lara was off in the bathroom, changing Oliver), so I copied the call list from my cell phone as a "slice of life/time" sort of exercise.

Here it is:

- Fred (Father in law)
- Recruiter
- Tristan (Sr. Artist at Relic and former LA roommate)
- Geoff (Producer at Radical Entertainment)
- Christy (Account Mgr at Vision Critical)
- Vista Research (re: my knowledge of Take Two Interactive)
- Martin (General Contractor for our condo)
- Mom
- Brad (Cousin, friend, fellow MotoGP fan)
- Dominos Pizza
- Jeff (Design Director at Relic)
- Lara (wife)
- Perry (Real Estate Developer & friend from Houston and LA)
- Blacktop Taxi
- 411
- Bella Pizza
- David (Design Director at Slant Six Games)
- Mark (Producer at Relic)
- Rissa (Housecleaner)
- Jeff (Programmer at EA Downtown)

Relocation Preferences

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  • Sunday, September 24 2006
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Since I had this list laying around, I figured I'd put it up here. This is the prioritized list of where Lara and I would move to, if we were to move for whatever reason.

1) Vancouver
First preference is by far to stay in Vancouver. The weather, the location, the quality of life - it's all better than anywhere else on this list. We walk 1 block to a huge park, acquarium, lake, seawall, community centres, shopping - the list goes on. Unbeatable.

2) Southern Ontario
Toronto, London, Kitchener, etc - Lara and I have family in all these places and the cost of living is pretty low (especially in London, Ontario). Would be an opportunity to pick up another investment property for cheap.

3) Overseas
Despite the fact that cost of living in places like the UK is through the roof, living abroad would be a great experience for us and our kids. Great travel and learning possibilities, but work visas limit career options and real estate is pricier in a lot of overseas markets.

4) California
Not ideal, but San Francisco would probably be the best of the bunch here. After that, San Diego, then LA. But cost of living is high and quality of life (traffic, housing, etc.) is poor when compared to Vancouver. When I lived in LA, my closest friend lived 10 miles away and it wasn't uncommon to drive 60 miles to hang out. Blech.

5) Elsewhere in Canada
There really aren't a lot of places left after Vancouver and Toronto. Anywhere in the prairies is out of the question. Montreal is very cold, but real estate and Canadiens tickets are affordable. The maritimes might be interesting and of course land there is very cheap.

6) Elsewhere in the U.S.A.
Last on the list is other locations in the States. No thanks to anywhere in Texas. Seattle is a less desirable version of Vancouver. I hear Portland is nice though. NYC seems too crowded and fast-paced. The options are few and far between here and would have to be evaluated strictly for the value of the opportunity.

Moving Sale!

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  • Sunday, May 07 2006
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Lara and I are moving. We cleaned out our storage unit and have the following items to sell as a result:

Panasonic 5.1 Home Theatre System
Sidi Motorcycle Boots
Carbon Fibre/Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Umbra Adjustable Swing Rod Set (and another)
Better by Design "Simply Elegant" Tie Backs (and another)
Synthetic Costume Wig - Blonde
Synthetic Costume Wig - Purple China Doll
Real Feather Angel Wings - Black

Search Engine Summary

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  • Sunday, April 10 2005
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Top 5 Google Image Searches
Over the last couple of months, referrals from Google’s image search have increased exponentially. Google image searches comprise about 100 visits to this site a day. The referring URLs I track on my end don’t contain the search terms used, so I can only guess what the person was looking for. Here are the top Google image searches in descending order.

Dave Eggers (from a book review of McSweeney’s)
Me with a canary on my head (likely because the word “naked” appears in the caption)
Baby veiled chameleon
The Dude, a purebred American Bulldog (animal photos seem popular)
Young Markus Naslund and Peter Forsberg (hockey photos are popular as well)

Recommended Software

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  • Saturday, May 08 2004
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• Firefox (browser) • Notetab (text editor)
• Leech (ftp) • Winamp 5 (mp3s)
• Outlook (email) • Cleaner (video encoding)
• Dreamweaver (html) • Trillian Pro (instant msg)
• Google (search engine) • Nero (CD/DVD burning)
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