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moderngroove Entertainment, Inc.

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 - Entrepreneurship
  • Tuesday, May 15 2001
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60 full time
11/99 - 6/01

moderngroove was a company I started along with 3 other partners in the late summer of '99. Originally, it was to be a streaming music net radio station, but that idea spawned a number of better ideas that would later make the radio station obsolete.

Eventually, moderngroove's mission became "interactive TV through videogame consoles" and it accomplished that by building videogame development, streaming media architecture, music licensing, and web teams. The game group was my area.

Ignito Copywriting, Ltd.

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 - Entrepreneurship
  • Friday, September 04 1998
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6/97 - 9/98

Ignito was a freelance copywriting company I started on the side during a slack time while I was working on ReBoot at EA. I wanted to have a company that would bring me contract writing work - brochures, web sites, sales materials, etc.

I had a great time setting the company up: building a pretty good website, learning how to set up a small business, creating and sending promotional materials, etc. Ignito never had a single client - I think I had enough fun just setting it up.

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