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Welcome to Adrian Crook

Vancouver, revisited.

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  • Monday, January 12 2004
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The pictures from our trip to Vancouver over Christmas and New Year's are finally up. I am not sure if having a Mindstor digital wallet is a blessing or a curse, as I came home from our two week trip with about 500 photos. Mercifully, I edited the batch down to a lot of about 150 genuinely interesting (I think) selections.

Among the lot, you'll find photos of...

There are also lots of shots of downtown Vancouver... some from within, some from without. And good photos of both the Roberts and Crook clans - a rarity to have both together, if only virtually.

And priceless is this animated gif sequence of my mom's cat, Toonces, plotting and successfully executing a mid-picture attack on Eleanor (our former next door neighbour). I call it, "When Good Cats Attack!"

Damage Deposit on CBC Metro Morning

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  • Wednesday, January 07 2004
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Before we left for Christmas, CBC Radio called to ask if we'd like to be on their Metro Morning program (99.1 FM). One of their producers had heard about Damage Deposit (our upcoming book about the world's worst roommates) and wanted us to do a four minute interview with their well-known host, Jane Hawtin.

I was too busy with pre-holiday work at Decode Interactive, so Lara was left to face Jane on her own. Lara gave an awesome interview, promoting the book, talking about its background, and drumming up a raft of new submissions before the contest closed on December 31st.

Click here to listen to the CBC Radio interview in MP3 format.

Canucks vs Leafs

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  • Thursday, November 27 2003
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My aunt Teri gave Lara and I tickets to see the Leafs play the Canucks last Monday. This is good news since I had pretty much written off seeing any live hockey this year, let alone my favourite team playing in Toronto. MUCH thanks to Teri for despite the Canucks' loss, we had a great time at the game!

We arrived early to watch the pre-game warmup (where all the pics where taken) - a tradition my Dad and I started when I was just a wee-un. By showing up an hour before the game, you can go down to the expensive seats and see the players close-up. In the "old days" you could hope to catch a stray puck during this warmup, but now that the NHL has installed safety netting in the end zones of every rink, it's virtually impossible for a puck to leave the playing surface. How can somethng so safe feel so wrong? ;)

Anyway, my photos of the Canucks from this game's warmup can be seen in this album.

Travel Babble for the Europe-Bound

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  • Tuesday, November 11 2003
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----- Original Message -----
From: Tiffany Garcia
To: Adrian
Subject: I need some of your wisdom on this subject...


OK, so a friend and I want to travel to Europe (London, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, and Amsterdam for me), but we haven't the slightest clue how to start planning for something this grand. What i need from you is any info on how to plan this thing and how much we should be saving for a trip. I'm not sure if we want to just backpack or we'll be staying for awhile, but we mos def need to start planning now.

Are those travel guides/books in book stores any good?

- Helpless Nena

Damage Deposit In The News

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  • Monday, October 06 2003
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The press release for Damage Deposit, my book about the world's worst roommates, hit the wire today on three of the world's largest press services. PR Web, eMediawire, and Pressbox UK carried the release out to tens of thousands of journalists.

The additional coverage of the contest, which has been running since March of this year, will give the Damage Deposit editorial team more than enough great material to put together a hilarious book.

View the release on the eMediawire site.

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