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Welcome to Adrian Crook

Meet my fiancee, Lara...

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  • Wednesday, August 11 2004
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Good news!

Lara and I got engaged on Monday, August 2nd! We attended a high end jewellery auction that day, found the perfect ring (a diamond solitaire that fit her precisely), then bid on and won it shortly thereafter. Everyone cheered and some congratulated us in person as it was pretty clear what was going on. We were so beside ourselves we almost forgot to hold up our bid card to "seal the deal". When the auction closed an hour later and we had the ring in our hands, I proposed properly. We've set a date this December for our wedding and we've already booked a truly amazing venue in downtown Vancouver in which the whole thing will take place.

My email/phone contacts are buried in moving boxes so some of my family (on my Dad's side) and friends still don't know. If you're one of these people, spread the word and expect an invite to Vancouver in December. If you can't make it here don't worry - there'll be a second reception in Toronto in January or February.

We're Renting Our Toronto House...

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  • Sunday, July 04 2004
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Lara and I are renting out our house in Toronto's Roncesvalles district. We're both moving to Vancouver (well, I'm already there) and we're looking for good, responsible tenants for both the main floor unit (unfurnished) and the top two floors (furnished).

This is a beautiful house and the prices are excellent (the landlords are pretty nice too!).

View photos, features and contact info here.

UPDATE: Both units have been rented! Thanks!

2002 Jetta with sport package - take over lease!

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  • Wednesday, June 16 2004
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If you or anyone you know wants to get into a slick 2002 VW Jetta for cheap, look no further. Lara and I are giving up our vehicle in Toronto. This vehicle would make an awesome "going back to school" car or "it's too cold to take transit in the winter" car.

This would be a lease takeover (meaning NO MONEY DOWN!) for on or before September 1, 2004.

It's a great vehicle...leather interior, sunroof, power everything, fully loaded, remote starter!

UPDATE: The car has been leased! Thanks!

Canucks Fan of the Year

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  • Tuesday, April 20 2004
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A little while back I submitted this profile to for inclusion in their "Fan of the Week" feature. They never ran it and the Canucks season ended last night, so I thought I'd throw it up here.

Name: Adrian Crook
Age: 29
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Favourite current Canuck: Todd Bertuzzi
All-time favourite Canuck: Trevor Linden
Favourite Canucks moment: Winning Game 6 in the 1994 finals, because that's the biggest game we've won so far.
When and why did you become a Canucks fan?:

Birthday Week in the Bay Area

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  • Thursday, April 01 2004
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On Monday morning at 7am I returned from a week spent in San Jose and San Francisco. The San Jose portion of the trip was business - I went down to take a bunch of meetings on behalf of Decode at the Game Developers Conference. Never have I travelled with so much electronics. I took with me a Pioneer portable DVD player, a Sony PlayStation 2, my Sony DSC-S75 digital camera, my Mindstor Digital Wallet, a Sony MiniDV camera and my Siemens M55 cell phone. I also managed to squeeze in a San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames game at the HP Pavillion. Lara made it to the Winchester Mystery House, an incredibly large and ornate Victorian mansion worth seeing if you're ever in San Jose.
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