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  • Monday, October 30 2006
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The "blog" portion of this site is turning into more of a quarterly update. And it's that time of the year again.

Things have settled down a bit since I last wrote. Oliver is nearly 4 months old now and has recently started sleeping 7 hours straight most nights. He's up over 14lbs now and about 26 inches long (I'd say "tall", if he could stand up). He's got the typical Crook hairline - I call it "pre-receded". He smiles a lot and likes to vocalize so much that I swear one day soon he'll say "hello" or something equally shocking. He's very well behaved and chilled out. He's been to Toronto already (slept both ways on the plane) and he slept throughout 18 holes of par 3 golf in Stanley Park last week.

As you'd suspect, Oliver has been the focus of our attention lately. As a result, I've got a bit of a media backlog building up. I have had less than an hour playtime each with four of my newest Xbox 360 games: Dead Rising, MotoGP 06, NHL 07 and Saints Row. I've read 1 of the last 7 books I've bought of (the one I read was The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki). And our PVR still has multiple unwatched new episodes of CSI, CSI: Miami (we watch it for the unintented humor of Caruso's "acting"), Weeds, and Intelligence, as well as the final two MotoGP races of the season (hoping Rossi wins, but please don't tell me!) and four movies: Hustle and Flow, Syriana, Walk the Line, and Good Night, and Good Luck. The movies are particularly tough to watch, since finding 2+ hours where we're free and not dead tired is nearly impossible.

In career-related news, The Outfit won Canadian Game of the Year at the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts. That was surprising, since we had some pretty stiff competition. This year has been a good one for critical acclaim, as I won the Producer of the Year award in May of this year as well.

An IP I co-developed when I was at Decode Entertainment in Toronto has now gone into production. We originally developed and pitched it to be a videogame and TV series, and now it looks like at least the TV series has been funded. Slated to air on YTV's prime-time animated comedy lineup in 2007, Urban Vermin is a 26-episode CGI-animated series that follows the adventures of two gangs of animals - one good, one bad - in a turf war for city garbages, dumpsters, and restaurant back alleys. Coincidentally, one of Lara's friends, Joe Motiki, was cast to be the voice of "Madman Munson" - a skunk known for manic behaviour and a nose for trouble.

And in other news...
* I found out via Google Alerts that I have a credit on the Internet Movie Database now.
* A personal photo of mine was used as the cover of issue #12 of a WWE magazine called The Suplex.
* The Vancouver newspaper, The Westender, recently featured our condo in its "My Digs" section.


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