The last three months, recapped...

It's been a long time and a lot has happened since my last update... where to start...

First things first: Lara and I are pregnant! Well, it's mostly her, but you know what I mean. We're due July 28th. Check out the obligatory ultrasound photo gallery.

In light of our impending parenthood, we figured we'd better get a larger place. So we've bought our second property (the first one being the Toronto house), a 900 sqft condo 1 block away from Stanley Park, in Coal Harbour. It's two bedrooms and 1 very swank bathroom (heated floors!) that Lara will put her own touch on in April/May after her return from Toronto, when we'll have some renovations done before moving in June 1. Before photos of the property can be found in the gallery - you'll have to wait until June for the after photos.

My project with Relic, The Outfit for Xbox 360, is finally done! It hits store shelves worldwide on March 14th and the multiplayer demo can be downloaded via Xbox Live now (over 170,000 people have already downloaded it!). After two intense years of work, I have three weeks of vacation to recuperate. The Outfit is THQ's first Xbox 360 project and Relic's first console title and first non-RTS title. Plenty of other firsts as well... we're pretty stoked.

I was in Las Vegas (photos here) February 6-8 for The Outfit's multiplayer launch event. Over 30 journalists along with myself and three colleagues shot machine guns and handguns and did some indoor skydiving before I gave a presentation and a bunch of interviews about the game back at the presidential suite of the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay. We stayed at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, a place so posh that my hotel room was about twice the size of our current apartment - with it's own fax machine/copier as well!

In other travel news, last week I was in Los Angeles to appear live on G4TV's "Attack of the Show". It was a three-minute spot on The Outfit. In the green room I bumped into the guys from, who were also on the show, and did a quick little video interview with them using my new High Definition video camera, the Sony HDR-HC1. I'll work on getting that video posted as soon as I figure out how to edit it down from its massive 1080i format.

And finally, the Canucks made all the right moves on trade deadline day, while the Leafs continue to flounder. Ah... I feel a bout of "I told you so" coming on, Daryl... ;)

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